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How Many Portable Restrooms Do I Need?

Have you ever had to ask, “How many portable restrooms do I need?” That’s a question we get a lot from our customers in Illinois and eastern Iowa. In fact, it’s one of the most common questions any portable restroom rental company is likely to be asked.

It comes as no surprise. People want to have exactly what they need, whether they have a festival coming up in Galva, IL, or a construction project ready to get underway in East Moline, IL. You don’t want to have too few porta-potties, but you also don’t want to overestimate and get more than you need.

That’s why we developed the chart below. We wanted to provide a useful reference that can be quickly used to make rental decisions. By being an informed renter, you’ll make sure you don’t underestimate and create a situation where there are long lines and overused, smelly portable restrooms or the converse where you overestimate and unnecessarily burn your hard-earned money.

Using the chart is easy. Choose the rows for the length of the event and the estimated number of attendees. Where those rows intersect, that’s how many portable restrooms are recommended. If it’s a multi-day event, calculate based on the longest day of the event as well as the day with the highest estimated attendees.

If food and/or alcohol are being served at the event, increase the restroom count by 15-20%. You should also add 1 handicap-accessible portable restroom and 1 portable sink for every 4 standard units rented.



Porta-Potty Rental Calculator for Construction

Need to rent porta-potties for a construction site? A general rule of thumb is to rent 1 portable restroom for every 10 workers during a 40-hour workweek. If operating two shifts, double your porta-potty count. (Example: 1 shift with 40 workers = 4 porta-potties; 2 shifts with 40 workers = 8 porta-potties)

If operating three shifts, triple your porta-potty count. (Example: 1 shift with 60 workers = 6 porta-potties; 3 shifts with 60 workers = 18 porta-potties). The exemption to this rule is if you operate three shifts with 80 or more workers. In that case, 32 porta-potties are recommended.

There you have it! Hopefully, you now can better estimate how many portable restrooms you need. We want all our customers ordering portable toilets in Illinois or eastern Iowa to be comfortable when planning for their event or project. If you have any other questions related to portable restrooms, don’t hesitate to contact us.